Stop Fossil Fuels

Help Wanted

Have you decided to work aboveground? If so, we’d love your help with our mission of “researching and disseminating effective strategies and tactics to halt fossil fuel combustion as fast as possible.” You can volunteer in several ways.

On your own

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  • Follow us, and “like” and share our posts on our social media platforms
  • Share our web pages on social media and with your circles
  • Offer corrections, ask questions, or give feedback about our analysis and our site
  • Print and distribute our materials

Contact us to coordinate

Email us at to help with research, writing & content creation, and outreach.

  • Research

    • Industrial infrastructure and systems
    • Energy flows and bottlenecks
    • Energy industry news and projects
    • Laws and legal rights around civil disobedience and direct action
    • instructive examples of movements and actions
  • Create content

    • Write full-length articles
    • Write short commentary on news and third-party resources, to post in our curated resources and on our social media
    • Create video or audio around our analysis
    • Find or create images and memes for use on our website and on social media
  • Outreach

    • Ask other sites to republish our analysis
    • Ask writers, YouTube channels, and podcasts to interview us
    • Network with other groups and individuals
    • Manage our social media accounts
    • Translate our site and materials into other languages

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