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Tor Browser helps provide security and privacy while browsing the web, by masking your IP address. Though it’s unlikely that governments presently monitor traffic to Stop Fossil Fuels sites, the danger will increase if and when the environmental movement becomes effective. Those considering underground action would be wise to protect themselves by browsing sensitive content only with Tor, and even those committed to aboveground work may feel more comfortable obfuscating their web activity as a precaution against future backlash.

Internet users with nothing in particular to hide still benefit from Tor and other privacy tools. Corporations surveil us constantly, mining our data—our digital identity—to sell to advertisers, insurance companies, governments, and any other interested entities. If you’re using a free service, then you’re probably the product.

Most importantly, the more people using Tor and other privacy tools, the less unusual will seem underground activists, and the more difficult it will be for governments to break the systems. Use Tor and other digital security tools whenever feasible. Encourage others, even non-activists, to do so.

If you’re technically savvy, consider running a Tor Relay.

Tor and Stop Fossil Fuels sites

Many Tor users prefer to disable JavaScript by setting the Tor Browser security level to “Safest.” They then selectively allow JavaScript only from specific sites. Without JavaScript, many website don’t display properly; sometimes they don’t display at all.

  • This website is designed to work almost 100% normally with JavaScript disabled. We do not use Cloudflare or other intermediate proxies which track you and/or make it difficult to access the site with Tor.
  • Our r/StopFossilFuels subreddit can be used with JavaScript disabled, except that you won’t be able to vote. Reddit occasionally blocks a Tor exit node, but requesting a “New Tor Circuit” within the Tor browser works around this.
  • You can watch videos on our YouTube channel with Tor in “Standard” or “Safer” modes. “Safest” mode makes pages and videos difficult or impossible to view.
  • Facebook offers an onion address for use with Tor: facebookcorewwwi.onion/stopfossfuels. With JavaScript disabled, use the mobile version. If you’re not logged in, Facebook seems to prompt often for verification that you’re human. Jump through their hoops or request a “New Tor Circuit.”
  • Twitter seems to work normally with JavaScript enabled, or the mobile version with JavaScript disabled.

Caveats & Further Resources

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