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Biological Annihilation

Converting life to dollars

Mass extinction

Industrial humans are depopulating the globe of wildlife, driving populations and entire species extinct at the fastest rate in millions of years. It’s impossible to definitively quantify the extent of the losses we’re inflicting, because of three big unknowns:

Absolute numbers for extinctions per year are based on best guesses of the current extinction rate times estimates of the number of global species. Applying the above 100 E/MSY to the range of 2 to 200 million global species gives 200 to 20,000 extinctions per year, or .5 to 55 species per day.

Wildlife in decline

Extinction statistics underestimate biodiversity loss, since 95% or more of a species might die off without showing up in the numbers. Anywhere you look, ecological communities have been decimated or worse, as thousands of studies and millions of eyewitness accounts reveal. Two shocking global overviews: